Apr 15, 2019

March exports up by 12.3% YoY in USD terms

Quick Update

  • According to the initial estimates of Geostat, trade in goods decreased by 6.1% YoY in March 2019 when expressed in USD (in EUR and GEL growth stood at positive 2.3% and 3.2%, respectively).
  • Also in USD, exports of goods went up by 12.3% YoY — a weaker growth compared to 19.1% in the previous month (in EUR and GEL exports increased by 22.3% and 23.4%, respectively). At the same time, imports of goods decreased by 12.4% YoY (4.5% and 3.7% down in EUR and GEL) likely mostly to be explained by high base effect as imports in March 2018 went up by sharp 36.2% YoY strongly driven by one-offs.
  • The trade balance improved significantly by 25.0% YoY (139.7 mln USD).
  • Over the trailing 12 months ending March 2019, exports growth stood at 19.6% YoY in USD terms, imports of goods went up by 8.3% YoY and the trade deficit widened modestly by 2.3% (127 mln USD).
  • Detailed trade data will be available on March 19.