Feb 8, 2019

Number of tourists increased by 5.9% YoY in January 2019

Quick Update

  • According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration the number of tourists went up by 5.9% YoY in January 2019. Same day trips decreased by 13.1% YoY. Total number of visitors remained almost unchanged, decreasing by 0.1% YoY.
  • Estimated tourism inflows went up by around 6.0% in USD terms, somewhat lower compared to previous months. Inflows growth measured in EUR (+13.0%) and GEL (+10.9% YoY) were much stronger due to the USD appreciation YoY.
  • Growth rate of visitors continues to be strongest from the EU (+36.0% YoY). Recently Wizzair, offering low-cost flights between Georgia and various European destinations, announced the addition of 8 new routes starting from summer 2019. This should make Georgia more accessible for tourists from the EU and support the further expansion of tourist inflows. Visitors also increased from CIS (+2.9%), albeit at a lower rate while declined from other countries (-9.1% YoY).
  • Moderation of growth was mostly driven by decreasing number of visitors from Turkey (-20.2% YoY) and Iran (-41.2% YoY). Number of visitors also decreased from Armenia by 5.0% YoY.
  • Georgia’s image as an attractive tourism destination continues to grow with different respectable publications consistently ranking Georgia among top tourist destinations. Recently published article by the Telegraph named Georgia among the top 10 surprising holiday destinations globally in 2019.