Jun 6, 2019

Tourist arrivals picked up in May with 18.0% YoY growth

Quick Update

  • The growth of international tourist trips accelerated to 18.0% YoY in May, following the relatively weak performance in the previous months. The total number of visitors went up by a solid 14.2% YoY in May, while the number of same day trips increased by 6.7% YoY (see charts on the next page).
  • The estimated tourism inflows grew by 16.0% YoY in the USD terms in May. When expressed in the EUR and the GEL, the growth of inflows stood at 22.8% YoY and 29.8% YoY, respectively.
  • In terms of regions, the number of visitors from the EU maintained a high growth rate of 19.3% YoY. At the same time, a sharp pick up from the CIS countries (+26.3% YoY) has been driving the acceleration, mostly on the back of the solid growth from Russia (+53.2% YoY), Armenia (+15.4% YoY), Kazakhstan (+84.6% YoY) and the Ukraine (+17.7% YoY). Visitors from the other countries went down by 8.8% YoY, reflecting the continued decline from Turkey (-14.0% YoY) and Iran (-64.9% YoY). Without factoring the impact of these two countries in, the total number of visitors was up by 18.8%.
  • The number of visitors arriving by plane increased by 19.2% YoY. Such type of visitors spend the most per visit and make up around 41.0% of  the total number of tourists.
  • The regional airports are gaining stronger foothold with a solid increase of 38.7% YoY in the number of arrivals to Kutaisi Airport and 24.1% YoY to Batumi Airport versus the 16.4% YoY for Tbilisi. While the share of regional airports in the total number of visitors still remains relatively low, the ongoing investments in the regional airport infrastructure and planned addition of new, more affordable flights will support a further expansion of the tourism industry.
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