Sep 28, 2018

CA deficit at 9.2% of GDP over the last year ending Q2 2018

Quick Update

  • Current account deficit to GDP ratio increased from 8.3% in Q2 2017 to 8.9% In Q2 2018. In absolute terms CA balance widened by 53.5 mln USD YoY.
  • Negative impact coming from the balance of trade in goods was mostly offset by higher exports of services (mostly tourism) as well as moderate improvement in current transfers and income account.
  • Over the last four quarters end Q2 2018 CA deficit to GDP ratio stood at 9.2% of GDP, almost unchanged from previous quarter.
  • CA deficit continues to be fully financed by FDI inflows. Net FDI inflows stood at 9.1% of GDP over the last four quarters as of Q2 2018.