About Us

TBC Research represents the joint project of TBC Bank Economic Team and TBC Capital created to provide analysis of developments in the economy of Georgia and various sectors, as well as the regional environment. With different skills and experiences brought together in one team, TBC research covers topics of interest for investors, corporates, and broader audience.


About TBC Bank Economic Team:

TBC Bank Economic Team is a dedicated unit of TBC Bank, focused on macro-financial analysis - the interaction between economic activity and financial sector performance.


About TBC Capital:


TBC Capital is TBC Bank’s wholly-owned investment banking subsidiary and licensed brokerage firm. In 2017 TBC Capital became an integral part of TBC Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Group. Its main lines of business include corporate finance and credit rating advisory, debt and equity capital markets, brokerage, and research.


The main objective of TBC Capital Research is to deliver a holistic view of the risks and opportunities related to economic sectors, in particular companies and capital markets in Georgia and the region. The TBC Capital Research team is committed to serving customers with expertize and an independent approach tailored to address investor and company needs.